Summaries of sessions and workshops of the Agroecology Forum, October 2017


Longer summaries of all sessions and workshops are also available : download the complete document

Session 1: Agroecology and Food Sovereignty

Session 2: Co-evolution of organic agriculture and Agroecology

Session 3: Development of agroecological practices

Session 4: Making the transition

Workshop 1: Structural Change or Land grabbing: the rapid transformation of the agrarian family farm system in Europe and the role of agroecology

Workshop 2: Exploring agroecology principles

Workshop 3: How transition to agroecology questions knowledge production and learning dynamics

Workshop 4: Permaculture Design vs. Design in Agroecology. Same, same but different?

Workshop 5: Agrobiodiversity to support agroecology

Workshop 6: Participatory Action Research for Agroecology Territories

Workshop 7: Public policies for agroecology and the CAP

Workshop 8: Digital and technological revolution in the agricultural sector: Fitting in the Agroecological approach?

Workshop 9: Agroecological issues of organic cropping systems: importance of long term field experiments

Workshop 10: Becoming an agroecologist through phenomenon based and action oriented education: Making the transition

Workshop 11: Agroforestry and agroecology

Workshop 12: Transdisciplinary approaches to sustainable agrifood systems

Workshop 13: Building the narrative and making the case for Agroecology

Workshop 14: Development of small scale agroecological entrepreneurship

Workshop 15: Perennial Grains

Workshop 16: Making the transition

Workshop 17: Legumes in European cropping systems for climate change adaptation

Workshop 18: Rural-Urban linkages in Agroecology

Workshop 19: Young agroecologists: trajectories and professionalisation