All presentations (pdf)

On this page you can find the complete presentations given at the Agroecology Forum 2017. For the summaries, click here.
coccinelle BERTAGLIA-Marco – A ‘research-embedded-in-action’ framework to foster agroecology

BURBI Sara – Transition to agroforestry: current challenges and opportunities for the adoption of agroforestry as carbon sequestration strategy

CASAGRANDE Marion – Agroecological issues of organic cropping systems: importance of long term field experiments

COSTET Pierre – Cacao Forest: innovating together for the sustainable cocoa of the future

DAUBER Jens – Can combined food/non-food cropping systems facilitate transitions to agroecological systems in Europe?

DEBRAY Valentine – Perennial grains: perspectives of farmers in the USA and France

DOMPTAIL Stephanie – Land restructuration or land grabbing? Towards a working concept of land grabbing for western Germany

FAUX Jacques – Economic impact of food autonomy and associated ecosystemic services in a mixed Limousin cattle and poultry farm in Belgium

FIEBRIG Immo – Permaculture design vs. design in Agroecology. Same, same but different?

GAIFAMI Tommaso – Weeds and field margins: the other side of the coin

GUILLAUME Mary – Co-designing a decision-support tool with farmers as the basis for Participatory Action Research

HAPPEL Maaike – Research project at the Technical University of Denmark

HOGAN Rose – Trocaire’s Agroecology Research in Guatemala 2016-17

HAYDEN John – Perspectives from 25 years of practicing agroecology

LAZZARO Mariateresa – Participatory development of a soil health monitoring platform with organic farmers communities

LEVIDOW Les – Sustainable intensification: agroecological appropriation or contestation?

MARINI Simone – A participatory approach between researchers, farmers and beekeepers to define a common point of view about semi-natural habitat and agro-ecosystem service

MARZIO Antoine – The future of agro-forestery pig farming in Region Auvergne Rhône-Alpes

MIGLIORINI Paola – Convergences, divergence and specificities between agroecology and organic agriculture in Italy

MÜHLLEITNER Daniel – Key facts and figures about land restructuration in Western Germany

MÜLLER Bernd – Where agroecology comes in: the case of the Bündnis Junge Landwirtschaft e.V in Brandenburg, Germany

MÜLLER Bernd – Land restructuration and its impacts on subsistence economy and the farmer-environment  relationship

PIMBERT Michel – What role for researchers in supporting agroecology as a path to food sovereignty?

PIRHOFER-WALZL Karin – Bacteria and fungi in agricultural landscapes: almost invisible but the engine of plant production

RANALDO Marzia – Agroecological innovations for resilience and sustainibility of Alpine livestock farming systems

VANDENBROUCKE Perrine – Towards agroecology territory, the challenge of enrolling multiple stakeholders in Participatory Action Research