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Go the the Agroecology Europe Forum 2019 !

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Visit our website: here !
2nd Agroecology Europe Forum : 26-28 September 2019 at Heraklion, Crete, Greece

To support exchange, reflection and bottom-up contributions, let’s bring together local farmers, universities, social movement organisations and non-governmental organisations !

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The Forum ODT, whose thematic this year is “Agroecology: multiple transition of territories”, invites you to take part in an in-depth look at the territorial transition processes that link the quality agricultural and agri-food production sectors in territories in agro-ecological and social transition. Several angles of this theme will be addressed in workshops dealing with the following topics:

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La Ferme de Coume Sourde organise du 5 au 7 mai une Masterclass avec JOEL SALATIN, pionnier de l’agriculture régénératrice et de l’agroécologie, à Rennes-le-Château (11).

Présenté par Time Magazine comme l’un des agriculteurs les plus innovants au monde, Joel Salatin prouve que la gestion holistique et l’agriculture régénératrice sont le meilleur moyen de construire une entreprise agricole viable et vivable.

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Fake congresses in Agroecology

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It has been recently noticed  an increasing number of conference invitations to several stakeholders with regards to Agroecology issues. These conferences display impressive titles such as “International Conference on Agroecology and Organic Farming” or “International Conference on Agroecology and Crop Science”.

Agroecology Europe would like to warn on these fake or otherwise called “predatory” conferences.

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The third bi-monthly newsletter of agroecology Europe

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Welcome to the third newsletter of Agroecology Europe.
We want to invite you to the next general assembly meeting of Agroecology Europe on Tuesday morning 20th of November 2018 (please see details hereunder).

Your attendance is important as we need your input to make Agroecology Europe work! We invite young members to join the new network of young agroecologists!

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